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I decided to reach deep this holiday and started re-reading one of my all time favourites by Danielle LaPorte “The Firestarter Sessions”. Touted as “A whack in the head for anyone stuck in traditional, linear, fixed ways of thinking about career and success… “ (by Forbes) – Danielle is a wonderful New Years companion if you are aiming to start the year on a high note. I frequently refer to her books – she is honest, funny and really good at getting back to basics. In a world dominated by distractions and endless “to-do lists” which often leave us feeling tired and overwhelmed and not any closer to our goals, (or anymore fulfilled) LaPorte has laid it out for us in her sequel to Firestarter called “The Desire Map”. In the first chapter she refers to a New Years Eve night spent with her husband reflecting on their goals for the year which turned out to be more about how they wanted to feel in their lives. And so these lists of feelings – “Connected. Free. Abundance. Creative…” turned the New Years Eve resolution “list” on its head. Suddenly this process had new appeal. The process was ever more engaging and the lists of wanting something outside of themselves were morphing into something far more soulful and beautiful. Danielle describes this way of goal setting and “life planning” as a more fluid and “compassionate” way of being. Instead of berating herself for not kicking goals it was far easier to see where she was out of alignment with her desires. At the end of the year when reflecting on her “desired feelings” she tended not to feel so disappointed in herself if she didn’t check off certain accomplishments on her list. Instead she could see that the things she had been doing, the experiences she had been living, the people she had been interacting with were all fulfilling and she was indeed making progress. More often than not, she realised she was feeling the way she wanted to feel. Now that’s progress!

Referring to these core desires every day helped guide her choices. “Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.” Does that mean we need to bin the to-do’s, the bucket lists and goal planning? Not necessarily. But guaranteed those lists will change or (how you go about achieving them) when you are being driven by feelings of how you want to feel on a daily basis rather than the lists themselves. It stands to reason that if you are being driven by the core desired feeling of “freedom” a career opportunity involving longer hours and more responsibilities may not be for you – regardless of the increase in salary.

“Go for what you want – just know why you’re going after it.” And on that note may the pursuit of your dreams and goals be more satisfying than ever this year. For more clarity on your desired feelings contact Kim. Kinesiology can be very effective in using a variety of techniques, including light muscle testing to help you in your quest for clarity around your core desired feelings. Working towards bringing about the changes necessary in order to align you with your goals and desires is also a big part of the process.

Kim is a kinesiologist working on the Northern Beaches in a beautiful space, namely – Northern Beaches Integrative Practitioners. Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to help you get to your core desires, the root of how you want to feel in day to day living. Contact us on 02 8406 0679 or book online at http://www.nbip.com.au

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