We know how important it is to eat nutrient dense whole organic seasonal vegetables
and fruit, grown with care and completely unaltered, gifted to us as nature intended.
A variety of seasonal whole food provides our body with essential vitamins and
minerals allowing for efficient functioning of all aspects of our mind, body and soul.

However, the reality for many of us is
we fall into the marketing persuasion
trap of the Barcode diet. Products
developed or enhanced in a laboratory
to make our lives easier. Products stacked full of sugar, salt, enhancers,
and chemicals to keep the product on the shelf for as long as possible, what do you think that is doing to our body?
Many of these exogenous (from outside an organism) chemicals compete with vitamins and minerals reducing our ability to capture the benefits of these minerals and
vitamins in our food.

This in turn affects energy production and sustainable good health.
Animal products such as chicken, meat, diary and fish are not except from this
chemical onslaught as non-organic animal produce can be contaminated with
hormones, and antibiotics due to current farming practices.
None of us have any idea what chemicals are on board the foods we eat.

Could these hidden chemicals be contributing to our Dis Eased state?
Other factors affecting vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body are
environmental toxins and regular use pharmacological drugs also vitally important is
the guts ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from foods consumed.

Symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies can include:
 Low energy
 Poor immunity – recurring colds and flu
 Mood and mental health problems
 Impaired digestion
 Skin issues
 Defective bone growth
 Weight issues
 Anaemia
 Nose bleeds
 Muscle weakness
While it would be fantastic if we could all eat organically produced foods prepared
loving at home everyday, the reality is we all have obligations which requires most of
us to have to work long and strenuous hours and at the end of a busy day all we
want to do is prepare a quick meal – enter the Barcode diet!
So if you or someone you know is feeling tired and run down, stressed and low
energy, or just feeling out of sorts, why not check in with me. I am a qualified Holistic
Nutritionist and Western Herbalist.
I offer lots of practical ideas after taking a detailed case history and will customize a
treatment plan, which may include supplements or herbal formulas and dietary
recommendations designed just for you, your body and your lifestyle.
You can book a Nutrition/herbal appointment online http://www.nbip.com.au or
contact us on ph.02 8406 0679 or email reception@nbip.com.au to discuss how we
can best support you.
While you are on our website why not meet the other exceptionally talented
professionals I have the pleasure of working with everyday at Northern Beaches
Integrative Practitioners in Warriewood.

Shirley Carmont
Nutritionist and Herbalist
BHSc. N M, Adv. Dip WHM


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One thought on “Vitamins and Minerals…… Could you be deficient?

  1. Shirley, great blog. As a practising Paleo Diet person (and have been for over 6 years) It’s incredible to live the difference of how your body feels once you break free of processed, “low fat = over sugared”, “full of preservatives” foods. We all need to read labels and eat real food.
    Keep sharing!
    Love ya,

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