Can’t put your finger on why you’re not feeling quite right? It could be your thyroid.
The thyroid gland may be small but it packs a punch when it comes to your health. The
thyroid, located in the lower part of the neck just below the larynx, has significant impact on
numerous body processes including metabolism, weight management, growth and
development, mental health, energy levels, sleep, digestion, body temperature and
regulation, blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and reproductive health.
Thyroid health can be impacted by various factors including autoimmune, genetic,
environmental, nutritional status, impaired pituitary and endocrine system function.
The most common thyroid dysfunction can present as underactive – hypothyroidism, or
overactive – hyperthyroidism. Causes of thyroid dysfunction can be varied and complex so
it’s essential to identify any pathology and treat the cause of the dysfunction whilst
providing some symptomatic relief.
If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may indicate that your thyroid is
not functioning properly:
 Fatigue / low energy
 Unexplained weight gain or loss
 Anxiety, depression or mood changes
 Temperature (heat / cold) intolerance
 Digestive disturbance including constipation and loose stools
 Physical changes to the thyroid area (enlargement) and eye area
 Palpitations
 Excessive perspiration
 Sleep disorders
 Poor hair, skin and nail health

The good news is thyroid function can be largely affected by dietary and lifestyle factors.
The use of herbal medicines and nutritional medicine can optimise the function of this
complex gland and bring your body back into balance.
Specific nutrients such as selenium, iodine and tyrosine can have a direct impact on thyroid
function as can lifestyle factors such as stress, exercise and heavy metal toxicity.
Our naturopath takes a full case history and uses a holistic approach during treatment to
ensure all elements of an individual’s treatment optimises thyroid function.
If needed, tests can be performed to determine thyroid activity to identify any imbalances
and underlying pathology.
Herbal medicine can be very effective in modulating thyroid activity by suppressing an
overactive thyroid or stimulating an underactive thyroid.

If you want to know more or want to take steps to ensure your thyroid is functioning at its
optimal level, contact our naturopath on 02 8406 0679 or book online at

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Photo credit: Thyroid Health Centre

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